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Bargain Pushchairs

Bugaboo Bee + Newborn Cocoon, Raincover - RED |
Bugaboo Bee + Newborn Cocoon, Raincover - RED |
This Item is currently selling on ebay at a bargain price. If you click the link above you will be navigated to where you can bid or buy the item in question. Kiddiekids does not own nor are we selling the item shown, if you have any questions please ask the seller.
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Maclaren Techno XLR Review

Maclaren Techno XLR

This Maclaren Techno XLR is Maclaren's top of the range Pram/Pushchair. It has some really great features making it an overall good choice for those who love to walk as well as travel.

What Am I? Maclaren Techno XLR
My Price Tag? £265.00

Whats in the Box with me?

- Maclaren XLR Pushchair

- Hood

- Shopping Basket

- Seat Liner

- Head Hugger

- Harness Pads

- Footmuff/Bootcover

- Raincover

- Carseat Straps

- Instructions

What are my Accessories?

- Techno XLR soft carry cot

- Young Profi Plus infant car seat

- Reversible Buggy Blanket

- Universal Organiser

- Carry Bags

- Universal Bumper Bar

- Mac Sac

- Mosquito Nets

Lets start from the Top:

Starting out at the Top of this devine pushchair we have Soft Grip rubber handles which are contoured to your hands so makes for comfortable pushing. These handles are also extendable from 104-11cm and can be easily adjusted with a push of the button just below them. On the end of the 2011 XLR pushchair there is now Silver tips, these are actually white plastic that has had a spray of Chrome Paint. Unfortunately because of this the silver does tend to wear off the handles quite easily by your hands or from when you are getting the XLR into your carboot. A slight flaw on Maclarens part which would benefit a redesign.

Moving on down to the large square hood, Maclaren has really put alot of effort into the design and it does show!. The Hood features a Sun Visor and a 99% UV protective viewing window on the Top. The Hood can be unzipped and comes really far down and acts as a sun shade.

To the rear of the hood there is Storage pockets that is great to put your keys, mobile e.t.c and also a netted pocket to put bottles or raincover in.
Maclaren Techno XLR Rear Pockets
Middle for Diddle

The Seating area is very well padded and it does lay 100% flat, it does accompany Newborns till roughly 3 years of age, Maclaren do specify for children up to 15kg so please take this into account. The seating area has various harness positions and adjustable straps so that your growing child can always be secure in his or her XLR. The XLR harness has a easy clip system, easy for parent but merely impossible for a child to undo themselves, when trying to get your child out, you have to apply abit of pressure to the inner circle and the cirlce behind aswell to release the buckles. The New XLR released from 2011 onwards now feature a easier way to recline your child if they fall asleep, at the back of the seat unit there is a handle that you press in and pull down to the position you require. Lastly but by no means least is the calf rest now this mostly used when your child is young or sleeping, it can be abit tricky trying to do this as there is 2x metal bits either side that pull out of the seat frame and you really do need to pull them both out equal or they jam, which can become abit of a pain! but once out they do sit at a nice position that will make your child comfortable. When you no longer need the calf rest up simply push them back in at the same time or again there will jam.

Last but by no means Least

Maclaren XLR Basket
Now onto the Lower Section of the pushchair, there is a nice sized shopping basket which i have found is best to access from the rear. I have had quite alot of groceries in there and i loved how there is 2x Metal cross bars under the basket so it will never trail onto the floor and get holes in. Its abit of a different story when your child is laying down as then the only way to access the basket is from the sides which the opening is quite alot smaller to that of the rear.

Moving onto the braking system it is just a simple case of pressing down on the latches just above the rear wheels, these are linked and when you press 1 down the other should do the same. Unfortunately 9 times out of 10 this doesnt happen and so therefore you do have to press both down to make sure the brakes are fully engaged. To release the brakes a simple kick up from your toe is needed.

All Wheels feature a Built in Suspension so makes for a comfortable ride. The Front wheels feature a Straight or Swivel Mode, to get the wheels into the Swivel Mode you have to push the adjuster inbetween the wheels to do so, but this is very hard to do and you have to apply an awful amount of pressure to this adjuster with your hands and at some point you do feel that you may brake it when its been achieved you will hear a loud 'CLICK'. The Wheels are quite large and are solid foam so it handles great in rough terrain i.e Parks, cobbled roads e.t.c and the beauty of solid wheels is no Punctures.

How do I Fold?

Folding is a Breeze on the Maclaren and is the same on most Umbrella folding Pushchairs, Just a simply kick up on the middle clasp at the rear, this wont start to fold untill you have released the secondary lock, which you simply push down with your foot on the right handside of the pushchair and then push the pushchair forwards untill it touches the front wheels it will automatically lock into position, so when you go to pick up the Pushchair it wont start to unfold again.

Maclaren Techno XLR Carry Handle
The Maclaren features a soft grip rubber handle down the side of the frame so making carrying your Maclaren Comfortable.

The XLR folds from Unfolded: 110 x 53 x 81cm to Folded: 110 x 30 x 30.5cm which getting into a Small Family sized car is easy with lots of room for shopping.


The Maclaren XLR ticks all the Boxes what you would need from a Pushchair for your child, whether thats from birth or when you need to replace you bulky 3-1 Pram system. The XLR is the top of the range model from Maclaren and yes it does cost alot £265.00 but bearing in mind you are getting alot of accessories in that Price that other companies will charge you extra for.

4 Star Rating

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