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Bargain Pushchairs

Bugaboo Bee + Newborn Cocoon, Raincover - RED |
Bugaboo Bee + Newborn Cocoon, Raincover - RED |
This Item is currently selling on ebay at a bargain price. If you click the link above you will be navigated to where you can bid or buy the item in question. Kiddiekids does not own nor are we selling the item shown, if you have any questions please ask the seller.
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Quinny Buzz Review

Quinny Buzz

The Quinny Buzz is a Fab piece of kit for today's parent's not only is it very stylish and up to date with the fashion trends but it is also very user friendly.

What Am I? Quinny Buzz
My Price Tag? £385.00

Whats in the Box with me?

- Quinny Buzz Chassis with Wheels

- Seat Unit with Harness

- Newborn Foam Seat Liner

- XL Seat Liner

- Hood/Canopy

- Harness Pads

- Bumper Bar

- Shopping Basket

- Clip On Buzz Bag

- Raincover

- Wheel Pump
- Instructions

- Carseat/Carrycot Adaptors

What are my Accessories?

- Quinny Dreami Carrycot/Pram Top

- Maxi Cosi Cabrio/Pebble Carseat

- Cosytoes/Footmuffs

- Changing Bags

- All Terrain Front Wheel Set

- Double Front Wheel Set

- All Seasons Set (Mosquito Net and Windbreaker)

- Parasol
Lets start from the Top:

Starting out at the Top of this Super funky Travelsytem we have a soft grip foam all in one handlebar which makes for comfortable pushing. This handle is extendable from 101-109.5cm and can be easily adjusted with a push of the button that is situated in the middle of the handle.

Moving on down to the large Hood/Canopy, you can start to see where Quinny is in their own league when it comes to design and functionality. The Hood is fully adjustable and is very quiet when doing so. The Hood really does offer your child ample of shade whether there are sat up or laid down, also comes with a little peep-o viewing panel in the back so you can keep a close eye on baby. The Hood grows with your child, as they get taller the hood can be extended up the seat unit to give them lots of growing room.

Middle for Diddle

Now onto the Seating area, this seat unit has been cleverly designed and it can be placed facing you as you push or facing forwards to the world. This is easierly done by pushing down two little gray buttons either side of the seat and then pulling the seat up with both hands will release it from the chassis. These two same buttons are also what is used to change the reclining position for your child. When using the seat unit forward facing there is three reclining positions, Sat Up, Semi Reclined and Reclined and when the child is facing you there is two reclining positions, Semi Reclined and Reclined. The seat when used with the 1st stage foam seat liner this is suitable for a newborn to around 18 months of age, then the XL seat liner should then be used till around 3 years of age. The XL seat liner isn't as padded as the foam 1 so therefore gives your child more room in the seat. The Quinny Buzz has various harness positions and adjustable straps with harness pads so that your growing child can always be secure and comfortable in his or her Buzz. The Buzz has a very easy clip system and is very similar to those found on carseat's, where you overlap and interlock the two strap clips together and then clip them into the crotch strap. To release the harness is simple press in two little gray bits situated on either side of the crotch strap connector, this seems really hard if not impossible for children to do, which of course is a good thing. The buzz also features an adjustable calf rest with a fixed large rubber footrest. A great advantage on this seat unit is when you recline your child the calf rest will go with it so it will automatically raise your child's legs. This is easierly adjusted by pressing in the gray buttons either side of the calf rest.

Quinny Buzz Maxi Cosi Carseat
The Quinny Buzz can be used as just a pushchair for baby, but if you use the Adaptors then you can use the Maxi Cosi Carseat and the Quinny Dreami Carrycot..
To attach any of these, simply pop off the seat unit and pop in your adaptors and then the Carseat or Carrycot clicks onto those adaptors. Please note that all of these are additional extras and are purchased separately.
Quinny Buzz Dreami Carrycot
Last but by no means Least

Moving onto the braking system it is just a simple case of pressing down on the red pedal behind the righthandside rear wheel, these are linked and when you press this one this will automatically lock both rear wheels. To release the brakes a simply press down on the gray pedal on the lefthandside.

The Rear wheels are Air filled and gives a smooth and comfortable ride. The Front wheels feature a Straight or Swivel Mode, to get the wheels into the Swivel Mode you have to push down the little clip in between the wheels at the front, to get the wheels in the straight position simply put this clip back up again. The Wheels are quite large and are solid rubber so it handles great in rough terrain i.e. Parks, cobbled roads e.t.c All Wheels feature ball bearings so these run very smoothly and pushes without any effort needed.

Quinny Buzz Shopping Basket
Now onto the Lower Section of the pushchair, there is a nice sized shopping basket which is very easierly accessible. This can still be accessed when your child is reclined and surprisingly holds quite alot of shopping. There is also a handy zipped pocket to the back of the basket that is great to put your wheel pump in.


How do I Fold?

To fold the pushchair, you can leave the seat in place or remove as then it will be lighter to lift 2 parts if they are seperate. It does require 2 hands as you do have to push up and in on one of the buttons on the left hand side while standing behind the handlebar and you also got to push in another button on the right hand side and then push forwards towards the front wheels, this sometimes can be abit stiff to do, once closed the chassis automatically clips together to avoid the chassis from unfolding. You can also stand infront of the pushchair to fold, but i have found it easiest to stand behind and to push forwards when folding rather that standing infront and pushing to me.

Quinny Buzz Unfolding
The Quinny Buzz is the only one on the market that features a unique gas-spring automatic unfolding mechanism, which means when you want to put up your Buzz pushchair, simply pull the handlebar up a tiny bit and the Gas inside the chassis will automatically make the chassis pop up and lock it into place ready for you to pop on your seat unit.

The Buzz folds from Assembled Size: L86 x W65 x H103cm to Folded: W87.5 x D60 x H31.5cm

which getting into a Small Family sized car is easy with lots of room for shopping.


The Quinny Buzz offers Today's Parents everything there could possibly need in a Travel system pushchair for their child. The Buzz is Quinny's top of the range model and for £385.00 it is quite alot of money just for the pushchair itself, but it's super trendy, all aspects are very easy to use, very comfortable for newborns and there is ample of extras available to make this into the pram system your new family needs.

4 Star Rating

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