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Bugaboo Bee + Newborn Cocoon, Raincover - RED |
Bugaboo Bee + Newborn Cocoon, Raincover - RED |
This Item is currently selling on ebay at a bargain price. If you click the link above you will be navigated to where you can bid or buy the item in question. Kiddiekids does not own nor are we selling the item shown, if you have any questions please ask the seller.
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iCandy Pear Review

Brand: iCandy
iCandy Pear Review Picture
Model: Pear
Price Range: £700.00


The iCandy Pear is believed to be the first iconic double twin system on a single pram chassis. There has been many companies who have followed suit which just goes to show how popular this modular system has become in the baby world of prams.

The iCandy Pear can be used over 20 different configurations! but this is only achieved when it is used with the Newborn Carry cots and also Maxi Cosi Infant Car seats, unfortunately none of these items are included in the £700.00 price tag. When you do purchase the iCandy Pear you will receive, Pear Chassis, Pear double wheels, 2x Seat Units, 2x Hoods, 2x Bumper Bars, 2x Raincover's, Shopping basket and Wheel pump.

The iCandy Pear is really great to use for either 2x Newborn twins, 1x Toddler & 1x Newborn or 2x Toddlers, providing that you have the carry cots or car seats for the Newborn(s). There can be placed onto the chassis in lots of configurations, but there is some downsides on this aspect there does seem to be a limit in how you can view your children, for example if you have your children facing the pusher, the child closest to you is the highest up, the child behind them is lower. This same rule applies if you have the children facing forwards, the child in front will be the highest up and the child behind them is at the lowest. Also you cant have the seat units facing different directions for example one facing you and one facing forward, which i feel would be a comfort to have your little 1 facing you whilst the older child could face forwards but this is not possible with the iCandy Pear.

Another good aspect of the iCandy pear is that you can use it as a Single Pram/Pushchair, this is achieved by removing the Twin adaptor which is called the Pip Converter, and then simply click the largest blue tagged seat unit onto the Chassis. Unfortunately again there is another downside by using the pear seat unit in the single mode, the seat can only be positioned facing you as you push, its not able to be positioned forward facing, unless of course you purchase some extras adaptors from iCandy and then manually change them over on your seat, this is another cost to you if you wish to do this.

The Pear is nice to Push and very smooth when running, but it is abit bulky/heavy when constantly going up and down kerbs or moving around in tight spaces. There is still alot of great features with the iCandy Pear, everything is very user friendly the seats, carry cots, raincover's e.t.c are all colour coordinated in either blue or yellow, making things just that little bit easier, especially when it comes to putting on the raincover's in a hurry! The Hoods offer a great shading from the weather, the 2011 hoods will now feature no pvc see through panels compared to earlier models. The Seat Units both feature an adjustable 5-point safety harness which is very easy to do and also removable bumper bars, which are covered in foam. Some teething babies have been known to find the bumper bar a perfect teething accessory, whilst the child may find it a relief, this could pose a serious problem to your child if there were able to bite a chunk of foam off this could cause the child to choke. You can buy little lycra covers that slide over the foam on the bumpers but again this is another cost. The handle height can be positioned to 7 different positions so tall mummy's and daddy's can push the Pear in comfort. To fold the Chassis you do need to remove all Modules from the chassis but all modules do fold flat as does the pip Converter. Anyway's to fold the chassis you need to hold the middle button on the handlebar with 1 hand and push down whilst pushing in a secondary lock button on the left hand side with the other hand and the chassis folds down onto itself.

Because everything does have to be removed for folding, this isn't practical if you needed to fold your pram because all the Pushchair spaces on the Bus or Train was taken. Surprisingly the Chassis with the quick-release rear wheels removed can actually fit into a New shape Nissan Micra Boot, with 2x Seat Units as well. So you don't need a large vehicle to transport your iCandy Pear.

Having said everything above it is a good choice for parents who wish for they children from newborn till 3 years old to ride in the upmost comfort.

Age Suitable:   Birth - 3 years
Travel System Compatible:   Review Tick
Adjustable Backrest:   Review Tick
Adjustable Footrest:   Review Tick
Easy Access Basket:   Review Tick
Handle Style:   All In One
Height Adjustable Handle:   Review Tick
Viewing Panel In Hood:   Review Cross
Bumper Bar:   Review Tick
Additional Storage:   Review Cross
Parent Tray:   Review Cross
Raincover Style:   All over
Suspension Type:   Fixed
Swivel Wheels:   Review Tick
Wheel Type:   Foam & Air
Terrain:   All Terrain
Brake Style:   Foot operated


Useful Information:
How Does It Fold?
2 Hand Fold
Folded Style:
Unfolded Dimensions:
105 x 59 x 99cm
Folded Dimensions:
93 x 59 x 40cm
Weight Of Pushchair:
13.9kg (Chassis & PIP & 2x Seat Units)
All Fabrics easily zipped off and can be washed in the washer excluding Hoods. The Chassis is easy to clean with warm soapy water.

Additional Extras:
Carry cot converter fabrics, Maxi Cosi Car seat, Luxury Foot muff, Lifestyle Changing Bag, Core Seat Snuggle, Sun Parasol, Lower Car seat Adaptors, Upper Car seat Adaptors, Cup Holder, Parasol Clamp, Flavour Coloured Fabric Packs, Palm Stroller Sun Shade

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