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Contraception Mehtods

Contraception Mehtods

There are many different methods of birth control for women of all ages. Click to see a few of the most common methods, how they work and some basic information. These include external links to pages with much more detail including the NHS and family plan

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Bugaboo Bee + Newborn Cocoon, Raincover - RED |
Bugaboo Bee + Newborn Cocoon, Raincover - RED |
This Item is currently selling on ebay at a bargain price. If you click the link above you will be navigated to where you can bid or buy the item in question. Kiddiekids does not own nor are we selling the item shown, if you have any questions please ask the seller.
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Baby Sleep

Baby Sleep Strategies

In every approach you take to help your baby to sleep well, you must always be consistent.  Babies depend on consistency to help them learn and adapt.  You can start incorporating your unique tactics with your baby as early as six weeks old.  Below are some examples that you can use to help your little one sleep well, always keeping in mind that whichever approach you take, you’re going to need to be consistent with it so it has to be something that is appropriate for you and your baby.

A.) Give him a chance to fall asleep on his own from about 6-8 weeks. Put him down when he's sleepy, but still awake. It is advised against rocking or breastfeeding your baby to sleep, even at this age, because they may depend on them tactics.

B.) Set a bedtime routine. Keep it short and simple: bath, nappy and pyjamas, and a story or song. Finish the bedtime ritual in your baby's bedroom. It's important he learns his room is a quiet relaxing place to be.

C.) Give him a security object, such as a baby blanket or stuffed animal. A great way to make a blanket or teddy bear a favourite is to keep it near you for a while so it becomes mom-scented. Babies have a strong sense of smell, and when they startle awake, the smell of their mothers will calm them.

D.) Let your baby cry it out. This is suitable once your baby is four or five months old. If he's crying after you've put him down, go to him. Pat him gently and tell him everything's fine, but it's time for sleep. Be gentle, but firm. Leave the room. Wait for a set interval, anything from two to five minutes, and then check again. Do this repeatedly until he falls asleep, extending the time between each visit.

E.) Cuddle up. If you plan to have your baby sleeping in your bed, comfort and rock him so he is ready for sleep as part of his bedtime routine. Lie down together and cuddle with him, pretending to sleep, firmly letting him know its bedtime.   He will grow bored when he knows your not playing and then he’ll eventually fall asleep.  A wise idea after he falls asleep is to put him in his own bed but next to yours. 

F.) Share the role of comforter with your partner, so both of you can help your baby fall back to sleep. Once your baby is old enough to do without night-time feeding, he can learn to be comforted by your partner. He might stop needing anyone when he learns there's no food coming!

G.) Make daytime feeds social and lively and night-time feeds quiet.  This helps him set his body clock to tell the difference between day and night.

H.) Breastfeeding your baby to sleep could be a healthy, enjoyable night-time routine for you both, but if your baby learns to depend on being fed to sleep, it could lead to future sleep routine problems.   All babies wake up a number of times throughout the night. Most just doze off again.However If you regularly feed your baby to sleep, he'll need that same cue to help him drop back off. This is true whether your baby sleeps in a cot or shares your bed.

Establishing a routine
I know i keep saying it but the most important thing here is to be consistent!!

Doing the same thing over and over and over again, ensuring it’s at the same times and using the same methods.

When you take your baby to bed, after his night time ritual-bath, pyjamas, etc.,  talk quiet, give cuddles and kisses, put on a night light with sound, close the curtains, give kiss good night while gently rubbing hand, then say goodnight while leaving the room. Your baby will recognize all of this as "Time to Sleep"

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Trying for a baby informaton

Great tips for both men and women when trying for a baby.

If your trying for a baby check out our great "getting pregnant" tips. We offer some brilliant information for both men and women to greater the chances of you becoming pregnant.
Getting Pregnant

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