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Potty Training

Potty Training

FREE potty training tips ebook to teach you how to potty train your baby. This ebook has Tips and advice for all your potty training and toilet training needs (Potty training diets, Staying dry at nightime, Potty training boys and regression). You have no

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Bugaboo Bee + Newborn Cocoon, Raincover - RED |
Bugaboo Bee + Newborn Cocoon, Raincover - RED |
This Item is currently selling on ebay at a bargain price. If you click the link above you will be navigated to where you can bid or buy the item in question. Kiddiekids does not own nor are we selling the item shown, if you have any questions please ask the seller.
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Baby Sleep

Bed Time Crying.

If your baby cries for no apparent reason at night, don’t worry, most babies do this and it is completely normal. But making an attempt to give him some cool (boiled) water is wise, as crying increases body temperature making them thirsty.  If the crying continues, speak to your baby calmly. Stroke their hand but try not to lift him from the cot. Let him know your still around and over the course of a few nights your baby will learn and become accustom to you leaving the room.

Crying down
The crying down, or crying out technique involves leaving your baby to cry, and although it's very difficult to listen to a young baby cry itself to sleep, it will definitely prevent serious sleep problems in the future.  As apposed to going in and picking up your baby every time he cries-which can cause him to become dependent on that, letting him cry it out will firmly be letting him know, that he needs to sleep.
Crying down with a baby under six weeks usually lasts between five and 10 minutes, although with some babies who have become over-tired and fight sleep, it can last up to 20 minutes. If you find the crying hard to ignore try and wait for five to 10 minutes before going in to your baby.
You can then enter your baby's room and reassure him with a soothing touch or quiet voice. This should be kept to between one to two minutes before leaving him. You should then wait about 5-10 minutes before returning. Try to repeat this procedure until the baby learns to sleep on his own. 
If you go into the room every time he cries he will then expect you to go to him EVERY TIME, so try not to give in, or else he won’t learn to sooth himself to sleep during the night.

The core night
The core night method is a method that mainly is used for a baby over six weeks, who weighs more than 10 pounds, has fallen into a good daytime routine and is settling well in the evening. And provided he's putting on enough weight each week.
You'll know it's the right time to start thinking about this method when your baby's still waking in the night looking for a feed but not feeding well in the early morning.
The core night works on the principle that; once a baby sleeps for one longer spell in the night over several nights, he shouldn't be fed again during the hours slept in the course of the core night. Once you've seen that your baby can last a certain length of time without a feed, you can use this opportunity to help him to sleep longer. If he wakes during these hours, he should be left for a few minutes to settle himself back to sleep.  (Refer to the Crying down method)
If he doesn't settle, try patting him, offering him a dummy or a sip of water, giving him the minimum of attention. If your baby still won't settle, give him the smallest feed that gets him through until the early morning.

Controlled crying
Controlled crying is when you do your night time routine and set your baby in his crib and then leaving the room and not returning what-so-ever during intervals.  Controlled crying is the most effective way to sleep-train babies over 6 months. 
It is an intense technique and takes a lot of commitment and perseverance but can be very successful in getting your baby to sleep through the night. If your baby is still feeding in the night, however, it's a good idea to try the core night method to ensure he isn't crying from genuine hunger.
Start controlled crying in the evening on the first day. The same procedure should be carried out no matter how many times your baby or toddler wakes up in the night.

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Great tips for both men and women when trying for a baby.

If your trying for a baby check out our great "getting pregnant" tips. We offer some brilliant information for both men and women to greater the chances of you becoming pregnant.
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