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Capture that all important moment and cerish it forever. Get some creative ideas of how you can create that all important keepsake for you or family member.

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Bargain Pushchairs

Bugaboo Bee + Newborn Cocoon, Raincover - RED |
Bugaboo Bee + Newborn Cocoon, Raincover - RED |
This Item is currently selling on ebay at a bargain price. If you click the link above you will be navigated to where you can bid or buy the item in question. Kiddiekids does not own nor are we selling the item shown, if you have any questions please ask the seller.
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Baby Sleep

Bedtime Routine-The Basics

As common sense would have it…babies are only able to sleep peacefully when they’re nappies are dry, they are full from their feeding session and they’re not too hot or too cold.  So before putting you baby down for a nap make the appropriate changes to best suit you little one.  Check for the obvious symptoms of a too hot or too cold baby-icy fingers, toes and nose, meaning he’s too cold-or sweaty neck and red face, meaning he’s too hot.  If you notice these and don’t make any changes then your baby will not fall asleep and stay asleep.  Or if your baby does fall asleep and wakes frequently those symptoms should always be sighted first before making any other attempt at getting him to sleep again.
A nursery night light that glows different colours depending on the room temperature is a good idea in helping you recognize the temperature of the room, which in turn helps you adjust your baby’s atmosphere so you can make him comfortable and happy.  .If your baby’s room is too hot or cold, open a window or turn up the heat a bit.  This will help sooth him and make him more comfortable for his nap.
Because babies, at the start of this age range, sleep for short periods and wake often in the night, you'll have to resign yourself to interrupted nights for the first few weeks. But you can start work now on sleep habits that will pay dividends later.
A comfortable baby is a happy baby!!!

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Trying for a baby informaton

Great tips for both men and women when trying for a baby.

If your trying for a baby check out our great "getting pregnant" tips. We offer some brilliant information for both men and women to greater the chances of you becoming pregnant.
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