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Potty Training

FREE potty training tips ebook to teach you how to potty train your baby. This ebook has Tips and advice for all your potty training and toilet training needs (Potty training diets, Staying dry at nightime, Potty training boys and regression). You have no

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Bugaboo Bee + Newborn Cocoon, Raincover - RED |
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Baby Sleep

Sleep problems by age

Newborn to three months
A newborn baby may fall asleep while eating or being carried.   Lay him down in a designated sleeping place, such as a Moses basket, cot or pushchair. If he's awake, encourage that wakefulness, and socialize with him. By distinguishing between asleep and wakeful periods, you'll help him associate sleep with a proper sleeping place.
For the first two or three weeks, its possible swaddling your baby might soothe him. For some it's the trigger for sleep, but others don't enjoy it. Don't swaddle him after a he's a month old, because it can restrict his mobility, causing him to become fussy.

Three to six months

If you have moved your baby to a cot, he may be finding it difficult to adjust. Make the transition for him easier by giving him his security item and soothing him to sleep while you put him to sleep.   Bear in mind that if you incorporate a security item with your baby you need to have it around all the time or you might just have to go back to square one. 
Don't be tempted to start your baby on solids before he's ready, to help him sleep. It is not recommended that babies are fed solids before they are six months old.   Also by making sure your baby is not staying up too late, you can avoid making him over-tired, which will save you from a difficult bedtime.

Six to nine months
About this age, babies who have never had sleep problems may start waking up at night because of separation anxiety. When he wakes in the night, he misses you and worries you won't return.
Problems may also be linked with your baby reaching milestones in his physical and mental development. Meaning he has discovered how to sit up, roll over, crawl, and even pull himself up to a standing position.  All these milestones are so very exciting to your baby and he may wake through the night to practice his new skills.  Especially the new skill of sitting up. 
In this case you need to teach him how to lie down again, and then follow with your chosen routine for getting him back to sleep.
Your baby's sudden burst in development isn't the same as a growth spurt, so feeding him during the night won't help him sleep better. In fact, it may prolong the problem and make it worse. He’ll learn to depend on feeding to fall asleep.
Your baby's sleep will also be disturbed because he is teething. If he doesn't seem to be in pain, stick to your regular sleep routine. But if his gums are hurting, massage them gently with one finger or give him something cold to chew on, such as a partially frozen flannel. If things get really bad, give him the correct dose of infant pain reliever, or rub baby on his gums.
If your baby is going to bed after 8:30 pm and he begins to wake during the night, you may be surprised to find that he's much more likely to sleep through the night if you move his bedtime earlier by a half hour.

Nine to 12 months
Your baby is old enough to sleep through the night, but he may be changing his nap habits and may still be suffering from separation anxiety. Be prepared to modify your routine as he grows.
Try moving his afternoon nap to an earlier time and making it shorter. Stick with your bedtime ritual and to be firm about going to sleep. Let your baby know that when it's bedtime, it's bedtime. If it helps, try setting an alarm clock to go off about five minutes before it's time to go to sleep. That way the mandate is coming from an external source, not you.  Also try leaving the door to your baby's room ajar so he can hear you, and be reassured that you're nearby.
If your baby’s sleep difficulties are disrupting your sleep and you feel you can’t cope, talk to your doctor or health visitor.

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