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Contraception Mehtods

Contraception Mehtods

There are many different methods of birth control for women of all ages. Click to see a few of the most common methods, how they work and some basic information. These include external links to pages with much more detail including the NHS and family plan

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Potty Training


Potty training can be one of the most rewarding experiences you share with your child. During this time they will gain a sense of achievement and take pride in becoming grown up. To master this huge step they will need time together with your love and support, There are no rules about when potty training should begin, whether your child is 18 months or 3 years old, there is no "right age". But instead there is a right time, and this varies from child to child. You know your child best so look out for the following signs of readiness.

  • Stays dry for at least 2 hours.
  • Has regular and predictable bowel movements.
  • Informs you of when they need to go to the toilet.
  • Shows an interest when you or other family members use the toilet.
  • Can remove pants on their own.
  • Informs you when their nappy is wet or soiled.
  • Asks to use the potty or toilet.
  • Wants to wear pants instead of a nappy.


Recognise the right time to train. The first step in baby potty training is to make sure your child is ready - Both physically and emotionally. If not put, the pants and the potty away!!. Pushing your child will only make training more difficult and a much longer process. Look again for signs of readiness about a month later.

Teach The basics: Your involvement will make your child interested and comfortable with potty training. Introduce the potty and make it a fun learning process. Use books, games and videos together with other activities to teach and show how the bathroom works.

Children learn best by copying, so keeping the bathroom door open so they can see the full family use the toilet (older brothers or sisters are the best role models) will teach your child alot. Ask your other kids or family members to make a game of using the toilet and then "time to wash our hands" etc. it will all become part of your child's routine.

Pick a potty that has your child's favourite cartoon character theme on it, this will make them more interested and comfortable.

Go Go Go

Practice: Get your child into pull up pants and explain how they are different from normal nappies, explain they are growing up and now they can use pull ups. Show your child how to pull them up and down. Always reward your child with plenty of praises, stickers and other small treats which you know will encourage them to do it more often. Vary the rewards to keep the levels of interest high.

Dry at day, then dry at night.

Bowel control will usually come before bladder control - don't expect dry nappies at night for quite a while. It is often well into a child 3rd year before this happens and boys usually take longer than girls.

Although there is no need to limit your child's drinks in the evening, it is probably better to avoid fizzy drinks or those containing caffeine as these can stimulate the bladder. Your child should have plenty of fibre, contained in fruit and vegetables, wholemeal bread, potatoes in their skins, This will help prevent constipation which could interrupt training. Have your child use the potty or toilet immediately before bed, then explain your leaving a clean potty in their bedroom and show them where. If they need to use it in the night explain they are allowed to.


Baby potty training doesn't happen over night - a consist ant successful routine takes time. Take your time and let your child get comfortable with the potty. Remember accidents will happen and is all part of the learning process as you can direct your child where they went wrong. Encouragement and patients are essential - so give support and praise at every stage. A child should never be forced to sit on a potty or toilet. Potty training is a gradual process and your child will need your praise and patients. If you make your child feel like pooing is naughty or dirty you can cause problems such as constipation and become poorly or even get a phobia of using the toilet / potty.

Keep It Positive.

Build your child's confidence by celebrating every achievement. Don't worry about the occasional accident as its completely normal.

DO NOT PUNISH ACCIDENTS. Talk to your child and help them learn for next time.


One of the most important parts of potty training is the consistency of the routine. A baby or toddlers attention span is short and means they can be distracted very easily. Keep all steps simple and repeat them often. Use consistent suggestions and encourage the use of the potty when at home and when you're away. Once you start using pants, keep using them until your child is fully potty trained. This will strengthen your child's sense of independence.

After the potty

When your child is using the potty on a regular consistent basis, you might want to start using the home toilet. Get your child to pick a toilet seat with you, this will make them feel more important and comfortable with the whole process. Seats with their favourite cartoon characters on are a great way of aiding them into using the toilet. These can be purchased very cheap too. It may be a bit scary for your child to be sitting on the big toilet at first but take time and make them feel comfortable.

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